Membership Includes:

Active Performers

Including soloists, ensemble instrumentalists, musical production performers and members of choral and string ensembles.

Associate Members

Who love and appreciate music and enjoy the fellowship of other music-lovers.

Active Community Service Members

Involved in Music Outreach, the Music Therapy Ensemble and Rainbow Rhythms.

Dues:  The dues of The Birmingham Musicale are $50.00 per year.  All members receive a club yearbook and a monthly newsletter.

If you are interested in membership, fill out the application below and send it with your first-year dues $50.00 to:
Tabitha Stasie
2661 Jackie Lane
Commerce, MI 48390-2152
(Checks are payable to The Birmingham Musicale)
City/State/zip code_____________________________________________
Circle the membership category in which you are interested:
Performers and ensemble members- audition required
Active Communiity Service:
Participation in community outreach.
Music lovers seeking music fellowship
To find out more about The Birmingham Musicale, log on to our webpage at: thebirmingham
If you have questions, call Judy Unick, President, 248-860-3517.