The Birmingham Musicale Choral Ensemble

Bradley Lieto, Director

The Birmingham Musicale Choral Ensemble was created at the time of the club’s beginning in 1926.  Today, the group usually performs two monthly programs each year, often participates in Choral Day at the Michigan Federation of Music Clubs’ yearly convention, and occasionally appears at other outside venues.  During the club year, the Choral Ensemble rehearses on Thursday mornings at the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Birmingham.  All who enjoy singing women’s choral literature are welcome to join.  There is no official fee to join, but club membership is expected. For more information, contact Pam Dundas.

The Birmingham Musicale String Ensemble

Timothy Nicolia, Conductor

The Birmingham Musicale String Ensemble began performing during the 1961-62 season.  It currently has 29 active members.  We perform in two ways.  For about a month in the fall and spring, we perform at community venues with a program of classical and pop selections.  We also play for the Musicale twice a year:  the December program and in the Spring.  These performances usually consist of a more “serious” classical program.  We rehearse on Thursday mornings, with the community performances also being at that time.  Anyone interested in playing with us can contact any member, or Tim Nicolia, the conductor

The Musical Production Ensemble

The Musical Productions Ensemble, formerly known as the Opera Ensemble, was begun in 1966 by Marion Linabury, Cathy Jackson, and several other Musicale members who were interested in staging full opera productions for the club.  Since Birmingham Musicale is primarily a female organization, the original intent was to find operas that used only women.  These performances were meant for monthly programs, but eventually some were used for benefits and community outreach.  The first two productions were Captain Lovelock by Mozart and Suor (Sister) Angelica by Puccini in 1967, two all-female productions.  By 1975, everyone realized that men would have to be included because female-only works were scarce.  Sometime between 1985 and 1990, the group’s name was changed from the Opera Ensemble to the Musical Productions Ensemble because the focus changed from mostly “opera”-based to musical theater. For more information, contact Pam Dundas.

Music Outreach

  • Members of The Birmingham Musicale String Ensemble
  • Music Therapy Ensemble
  • Rainbow Rhythms
  • Solo Performers
  • Music in Schools Ensemble
    • “The Birmingham Musicale, Music in Schools Ensemble spends Tuesdays in the Spring and Fall presenting songs, dances, and “instrument play” to school special needs classrooms. As much as possible, the pre-school children participate with us through movement and varied responses. Our programs are themed around animals, body parts, movement, ‘a school day’, and include seasonal aspects such as Spring, Fall, and Holiday. With the inclusion of interesting props and our talented pianists, we have a great time with the kids and they love us right back! We are seeking additional members. Come join the fun!” For more information, contact Jan Casai.