The Birmingham Musicale

Birmingham, Michigan






 The Birmingham Musicale Choral Ensemble

Bradley Lieto, Director

The Birmingham Musicale Choral Ensemble was created at the time of the club's beginning in 1926.  Today, the group usually performs two monthly programs each year, often participates in Choral Day at the Michigan Federation of Music Clubs' yearly convention, and occasionally appears at other outside venues.  During the club year, the Choral Ensemble rehearses on Thursday mornings at the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Birmingham.  All who enjoy singing women's choral literature are welcome to join.  There is no official fee to join, but club membership is expected.

 Choral Ensemble

Former director, Dr. Joseph Daniel, works with the Choral Ensemble at the MFMC Convention Choral Day in May, 2011.

Choral Ens

Former director Mary Pardee leads the Choral Ensemble at a program in 1980